The Aussie Team in Leeds, 04 Aug 09

The Ashes Festival in Leeds promises to be a great event, to be held from the 1st – 11th Aug grab an Ashes Festival in Leeds pocket guide as soon as you can…1st hand experience yesterday as Tess, G and I set off to watch the Aussie team walkabout in Millenium Sq. We started with a drink at Ha Ha bar, nice place ,our 1st visit and once we had established the correct ingredients for my Mojito …sun was shining so to speak.

The Civic reception lasted about an hour so we sat outside Ha Ha and had another drink watching press people and tv cameras buzzing around all over the place. Kids were taking part in the cricket factory and the adults!!were participating in the Slogger event set up on the large BBC screen, it was a lot of fun..

Eventually the Aussie team appeared and they were more than willing to sign autographs and have photos taken with enthusiastic fans…Tess and I got a few as you will see…The team grabbed a bite to eat in the Carriageworks plaza, the food provided by Ha Ha looked great and everyone including the Lady Mayoress tucked in….Afterwards they moved on to the Cricket Exhibition at Leeds City museum and signed copies of the Fire and Ashes book, all in all it was a well organised and great event…well done to the bananakick team…



Excitement over, we required something to eat so Tess , G and I visited Casa Mia in Millenium Square, garlic bread and lightly fried squid in breadcrumbs with a bowl of seafood pasta did the trick, all washed down with a nice bottle of Prosecco…lovely.








A short walk to Restaurant Bar and Grill (one of my favourite places)where we had a sneaky glass of Champagne and then a taxi home……. and so to bed!


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