Anthony Gormley’s “Another Way”, Sefton Sands and Southport 11th August 2009

We have been trying to go see the 100 statues created by Anthony Gormley entitled “Another way” and placed on Setfton Sands near Liverpool for at least a couple of years and as the England cricket team seriously underperformed we had the Tuesday(last day of the Headingley Ashes Test) free. As Tess, Tony and Pat had taken the day off as well we made it a team outing, Chester taking up the rear. D as always was on the ball and checked the tides so we decided that as it was high tide at 2pm we needed to get there by 12 from Pat and Tony’s house that meant just an hour and quarter travelling time. We arrived as the furthest out to sea of the statues were just getting covered by the sea with lots still on full display. The experience of walking along the beach and touching/standing next to the statues was a tactile interactive experience that was both interesting and kind of thought provoking. The statues are all different in that some are slightly underground, some are covered in barnacles others are smooth etc but all are looking out to sea. With the backdrop of the Liverpool skyline on one side of the Mersey and Birkenhead on the other plus huge ships going in and out of the estuary avoiding the huge array of wind turbines there is lots to keep the statues staring. A most excellent and unusual commission that should be viewed by all. Chester was running from one statue to another as well as running into the sea but we have to say the water did not look clean and don’t ask Tess or G about the mud flats(or flaps as Tess called them!)! once the tide came in most of the statues disappeared……………



After 2 hours on the beach we were all hungry and surprisingly Tony, Tess and Pat had never been to Southport so we made the 30 min drive up the coast. The last time D and I were in Southport we had a pretty nice lunch at Casa Italia on Lord Street so we parked up and whilst we walked towards the restaurant, amazingly we bumped into Tonys friend Mick who Tony had mentioned about in the car earlier. Mick just hapened to be out with his 91 year old  father also on a visit to Southport on the same day………..small world!

It was nice that we got a table on the large pavement area outside the restarant so Chester could join us. The girls shared a pizza garlic bread as a starter and Tony and I had sardines all very good. Mains included pizza, canneloni, seafood linguini(cray fish for G and clams for Tony) all very tasty. The girs had an apple/raspberry crumble t finish which was lovely. A quick wander around Southport to let the lunch go down before the drive home. A really good day!


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