7th Sep 2009 Marine and The Star Inn, Perfect Day

After a great weekend we awoke on Monday to find the sun cracking the flags. D suggested we make the most of the weather and have a trip out to Whitby, what a great idea! Off we set with Chester in the back of the car, quick stop at Gilchrist’s for a sausage sarnie for breakfast. The drive over the moors was spectacular and we had a stopped at The Hole of Horcum to take in what must be one of the UK’s most stunning views.

Just a couple of hours after we had left home we arrived in a busy and bustling Whitby. A sparkling calm sea and a warm breeze encouraged us to promenade through town and to the end of the North pier to take in the views of the Abbey and a very busy beach, we decided to break for a nice glass of wine and G had a snack of 6 oysters (looked absolutely amazing)










We then had a walk around the old town before getting a bag of chips to share on the beach, Chester sat and patiently waited for his share. We walked to the end of the South Pier and again enjoyed the views ….. how pretty the town of Whitby is!

On the way back we decided to visit Helmsley to check out some possibilities for our 25th Wedding Anniversary celebrations next year.  The Feversham Arms is a favourite of ours so a quick coffee by the pool and some fact finding  then over to the Star Inn at Harome. We sat outside in the garden and both the Pern’s were having drinks with friends. The sun was beginning to go down but it was still warm so we decided to have some dinner in the garden with Chester hoping for scraps under the table.

We shared a starter that was beautifully divided in two, Salad of Whitby Lobster “Nicoise” Style with “Mollet” Ledstone Quail Eggs, Marinated Anchovies & Garden Beans. AMAZING FLAVOURS AND TEXTURES!!

 For mains, G had, Charles Ashbridge’s Loin of Milk-fed piglet with 24 hour-braised Belly, Black Puddind Scotch Egg, Garden Sage-scented Apple Puree and mulled Ampleforth Cider. WOW even better than the description!













D opted for A plate of Swaledle Lamb, Cutlet, Braised Shoulder, Kidney and Liver Moussaka with “Nicoise” Gravy. Presentation was superb and the Moussaka got D’s 10/10 vote.

We shared an assiette of deserts that tasted fabulous and were well presented.


The Michelin star is well deserved.

D had a couple of glasses of Champagne and G had a couple lager shandy’s, coffees to finish what could be described as a perfect day.


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