Cafe Atlanta, Pudsey 16-09-09

Whilst waiting to pick Chester up from the doggy parlour(bath time) and my visit to the dentist….we had an hour to spare so we ventured into Pudsey looking for somewhere to have a quick sandwich.

Cafe Atlanta was packed but we managed to squeeze in on a corner table. After viewing the menu of baked potatoes with various filling, sandwich fillings on different breads and a specials board, G decided on a hotdog with onions and homemade chips and I opted for the Chicken fajita wrap served with salad,tortillas, salsa and sour cream all very reasonably priced. Drinks were promptly brought to the table by a friendly, smiling lady who was rushed off her feet but did not seem to mind. We sat and read the papers until our food arrived . The dishes were well presented and tasted great, just what we needed.

Once we had finished, our plates were removed and we sat and watched the world go by noticing that the staff were busy cleaning tables and sweeping up after the rush of lunchtime(on leaving we noticed an award in the window for cleanliness) and we reflected on a most unexpected pleasant lunch..If you are in Pudsey, worth a visit…(at the moment also open Sun morning 10am- 1pm)


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