Monday Night at Diva Italiana

I was supposed to be visiting Diva Italiana with a couple of mates but they had to rearrange so D said it would be rude not to go. This would be our third Monday night multi course  £15 menu visit. The 1st was with the Globetroffers and was great, the 2nd with the kids and was ok so we did wonder what to expect…..

We opted for a mix of seafood and meat. The 1st course consisted of a small pot of leek and mushroom soup which was delicious, 2nd course was a combination of langoustines, mushroom bruschetta, tomato bruschetta and Tuscan ham, superb!

Next we had duck ravioli, fantastic and finally Italian pork and herb sausage grilled prawns and a grilled polenta which was amazing!!

As if that was not enough Tiramisu and Vin Santo with Cantucci to finish…….Yummy

Drinks; champagne beer for me, Venezian cocktail for D then a bottle of Gavi and sparkling water to share.

Massimo was on top of his game again. Diva Italiana on this form is very hard to beat at £35 per head.

Sorry no pics which is a shame as always the presentation was good. 


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