Well, September has been a busy old time in the Dean household.

Apologies for the lack of posts, but work has dominated for us and on top of this, we’re getting ready to send Josh off to Uni, so it’s been all go (you all know what it’s like…).

I thought it would be good to pull together a mini roundup of foodie stuff that might offer a bit of a snapshot of what’s been going on at our end from the foodie front. There’s been nothing super dramatic, just a few things going on…

We missed the Proms bash at Harewood as it was our wedding anniversary (although in the end we didn’t go away as planned, but had a lovely time at home) but on the Sunday, J and I enjoyed a late, luxurious lunch at Anthony’s. The restaurant was very quiet as it was teatime on a Sunday, but as ever, the quality was there and the  service was back on track. We had whitebait as an appetiser, cured meats and cheese to start and main courses featured calves liver and fillet steak, all very good indeed. I don’t think we even got to desserts (we may need to consider our Troffer position – no desserts!)



I’ve been doing a fair bit of UK-wide travelling though work in the past weeks and there has been some interesting culinary experiences along the way. Nothing super amazing and fancy, but nice and comforting when you’re on the road – you know what I mean.

First up is the Frontline Club. A great meal spent with long standing client David at his journo/media club in Paddington, very cool in a laid back, shabby chic vibe that seems to be de rigeur in many London media spots. I had pork loin that was bob on and we finished with a couple of Lagavulin just for the hell of it.


I stayed the night at The Colonnade Hotel (highly recommended) near Maida Vale on David’s recommendation and it was a good call. Great local bar and restaurants nearby. This shot was taken in the boozer round the corner, very civilised.


Big client meetings the following day were prepped in Carluccio’s in Covent Garden. I had the wild mushroom risotto (not as good as mine, thanks Jamie) but good fodder all the same and I reiterate my call to get one in Leeds. Our Italian restaurants are local – and very good, I might add – but the level of quality that comes out of Carluccio’s would decimate the likes of Bella Pasta *ug*.


Julie has been giving the Jamie O US book some hammer too and I have to mention the cheesecake and the Chilli as outrageously good recipes.

The chilli just gets better after a few days in the fridge (hot, hot, hot) and there was the merest sliver left of a HUGE lime cheesecake extravaganza for me to try after she cooked it for the Fulneck cake fiends.

Ring her now and beg her to make them both – super nice.



Finally, in a moment of foodie weakness (and I have many) I was really hungry at Kings Cross today on my way back to Leeds so I hoovered up one of the new McDonalds M Burger and you know what, it was really good. I realise that I’ll get pilloried by the foodie purists, but it was actually quite good and the meat and emmental were real and tasty. Mcdonalds in half decent grub shocker!


3 thoughts on “September

  1. Good to see your travels are not getting in the way of the important matter of ‘troffing 🙂
    We’re in agreement about Carluccios – fab breakfasts and lunch, proper coffee and some lovely pastries. I try and have breakfast there when staying in Chiswick.
    As to the McD’s M Burger it is the first I’ve heard about it, so off to Google it now!

  2. Hello,

    Katie from LeedsGrub suggested I get in touch with you all to invite you to a bloggers meeting I am organising in Leeds on October 1st at Boutique Bar. If it is something you would be interested in please drop me a line and I can send you full details.

    The McDonalds admission made me laugh, I was actually thinking about trying it when I saw the ad but then stopped myself – you have made me think I should not have needed to!

    Kind regards,


  3. Just wanted to say that we hoped you had a lovely anniversary!

    Julie, the lime cheese cake looks absolutely devine! That maybe a good one for the next girly weekend!

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