Curry Punjab Sweet Centre

Dawn and I went for our monthly curry as we haven’t been able to make the last two so I was looking forward to it. I used to go to the Punjab in a previous life and hadn’t been for about 4 years wow how it’s grown !. Anyhow Dawn wasn’t feeling that hungry so she only had lamb chops, kebabs and … i can’t remember but she did have 3 starters ( but no main course). I had lamb chops and a chicken Tikka Asian style, I wasn’t aware there was any other.

Forgot the popadoms were the crispiest we’ve ever had. The lamb chops were nice and very spicy but prefer them a bit more crispy. My chicken Tikka was really good and very spicy again.

The downside for me was my starter wasn’t on individual plates so if you’re not sitting next to someone else eating lamb chops a bit of a pain. And.. spicy really does mean spicy.

Good points the service was really good the starter portions were quite large, Tony the Masala fish looked exceptional and I’m sure you would enjoy that, those that had it said it was fantastic. The main courses were a decent size and not overbearing. The price is also very reasonable. All in all I would go again perhaps in the next 4 years.


2 thoughts on “Curry Punjab Sweet Centre

  1. I think it is worth mentioning that you are able to order medium or large portions of the main courses depending on your appetite. Also they do Asian or English style with the difference being that Asian is spicy and English is sweeter.


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