The Ringside Cafe


Resuming our quest to find the best breakfast in Leeds we headed to the Ringside Cafe, on the outskirts of Leeds – Whitehall Road to be precise. Recommended by Jenny and Rob (his dad swears blind by the place), G and I set out on foot on a gloriously autumnal Saturday morning.

The Cafe is clearly well patronised by the local industries nearby and does a roaring trade with big lads all tucking into great piles of the breakfast goodies on offer. G and I opted for the ‘Big Breakfast’ and I can confirm that the trades description people will not come knocking on their door anytime soon. It was HUGE. And for £3.95 it was extremely good value.

The breakfast featured: two rounds of hot buttered toast, a pot of tea, two sausages, two eggs, two rashers of bacon, beans, tomatoes, spam (fabulous blast from past) and a choice of black pudding or mushrooms. Good job we were walking back home afterwards – I can tell you it was a real working man’s breakfast.

Service was quick and friendly too. All in all we came to the conclusion that whilst the Ringside didn’t have the style or elan of a HN (nor should it have to be honest), it was simple, honest food, of a good standard and plenty of it to boot.



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