Valley Walk

While some of our number are enjoying the week in Cornwall at the moment, we decided that a big walk around the valley (taking in a couple of pubs along the way). Julie, Gurdev, Chester and I enjoyed a cobweb destroying walk around the hidden secret that is the countryside of outer West Leeds. It’s very easy to walk for a good few hours without really coming across much in the way of city and it’s one of the great things about living where we do.


First stop was The Greyhound at Tong. I can report that the beer was excellent with a couple of pints of landlord going down very smoothly (and quickly). G announced that his was the best pint of Tetley’s he’s had for some time (sign of the times). Next stop was the Bankhouse where Theakston’s was sampled before heading back home.

Walking along Roker Lane, we came across a small holding by the roadside and got talking to its owner, Lizzie. She keeps chickens and ducks and her passion for this was clearly evident. She was doing it for the sheer love of it and against all the odds (vandals, locals complaining) was doing what she loved. Fair play to her and she sent us on our way with three eggs (she didn’t have many bless her, it was a very kind kind gesture). These were cooked this morning and I can confirm that real free range eggs are a class above what we buy in the supermarket.




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