Sunday afternoon at the Priestleys

A wet and windy late autumn afternoon was spent pleasurably at the Priestleys watching football, touring the building site and enjoying some great food and company.

I chose to drink my bitter out of a pewter mug that was a 21st birthday gift for Tony, which meant I was drinking out of an antique pint pot circa 1542. Get on to Time Team – now!

On top of all this – all of the Troffers were in attendance, which in itself is an event!

Pat and Tony’s home made fish pie and broccoli & stilton pie were real winter warmers along with swede & carrot mash and cabbage. Real comfort food and just what we all needed.

Key lime pie and Julie’s pumpkin cup cakes did for dessert along with the inevitable Troffer cheese plate. Tony dug out his crazy pipe glasses for port and it was game on.  Suffice it to say it was hard to leave the table and head back to Leeds…




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