Greens Seafood Restaurant, Whitby.

After our visit to the Pheasant/Star Inn with Pat and Tony we drove to Whitby via Pickering. Whitby is slowly changing and Tony had spotted a possibility for accomodation if the Globetroffers decided on a group outing to Whitby. Reported in the Yorkshire Post “The Albany Hotel” looked quite classy and for a group, paricularly out of season, very good value. However finding it became a lost treasure hunt even after much walking, not having the address and a goose chase advised by the local tourist board didn’t help. On a positive note we saw a part of Whitby that is both elegant and quiet,  just a stones throw from the harbour front!

We would not be true Globetroffers if we hadn’t have popped into a restaurant and as P&T had never quite managed to get to the renowned Greens we decided to call in for a light lunch. We were the only one’s in but Chris the very helpful waiter did advise booking for evenings as it a popular establishment even out of season.

Their signature dish is Chilli battered squid so T and G had starter portions, the girls opted for starter portions of Moules Mariniere. All I that needs to be said is WE ARE OFF BACK and recommend everyone else should.

Blackboard menu, hung York Hams(for sale), wood and stainless steel very French Brasserie nice ambience.

A glass each of Suavignon for P&T and Rose for D.





Nash’s Fish Restaurant, Leeds.

Apologies for the delay in posting this one..Dawn and I had lunch at the recently relaunched Nash’s in Leeds, they serve line caught sustainably sourced fish..  This place has been around as a Fish and Chips Restaurant for decades. Famously catering for the good folk of Leeds as well as visiting celebrities many of whom tread the boards at The Grand which is just across the road.

The interior is very classically upmarket English Fish and Chips setting a really nice tone but it was quiet(5/6 tables), understandable for weekday lunchtime.


We ordered, smoked mackerel pate and fresh water jumbo prawns with chilli dip which took at least 25 mins to arrive! The waitress was extremely apologetic for the delay and………………the fact that there were only 3 prawns which were just about jumbo. However the taste and display coupled with the fact the manager decided not to charge us for the starters more than made up. Obviously we had to go for the haddock and chips, we’re glad to report that although the portions are slightly smaller than your average F&C restaurant the quality was exceptional. A couple of beers and 2 glasses of Rose all for £30. We will call in again and recommend a trip(look out for the autographed walls).











Mini Break at Harome

Bright and early Sunday morning we set off with Dawn and Gurdev to stay overnight at The Pheasant in Harome. This is the sister hotel to the Star and has been newly refurbished (partly) by the Perns, so we thought we would check it out.

First stop Harrogate to continue the breakfast quest at Weetons. That was the intention but it was heaving and so we moved on. Places to eat breakfast are surprisingly thin on the ground in Harrogate but eventually we settled for Alberts Bar & Grill on Parliament Street. The place was empty; not usually a good sign but we were playing our ribs by this time. We all ordered full english. black pudding was an extra so we had that as well.

We terrified the waitress by warning her in advance that the food was going to be featured on our website. It worked. The food was good, eggs cooked to perfection and the sausages were especially tasty. Dawn was impressed with the mushroom selection. All in all a good experience although they were a bit tight fisted with the tea.

We didn’t to spoil our appetite for dinner at the Pheasant and so liquid refreshment was the only thing on the menu in the afternoon. Black Sheep bitter at the Hare at Scawton was superb. We will go back for lunch another day as the atmosphere was good and it was very busy.

We were met at The Pheasant by Paul the general manager who was very helpful and informative.

Dinner was ordered for 7.30 and was served in an elegant dining room.
Sorry no photos, but starters included steak tartare, salmon with beetroot and comice pear, an unusual but pleasant combination.

Main courses were roast sirloin with a cep puree for Pat and Dawn. The sirloin was very rare. Gurdev had lamb and Tony had roast pheasant breast with a ravioli of pheasant leg confit. The sirloin was a bit too rare for Dawn, Gurdev loved his lamb and Tony enjoyed the game.

For dessert we had a selection of 5 cheeses to share and Pat scoffed Eton Mess. We then retired to a very comfortable lounge area (log fire et al) for coffee and cognac. Well knackered so went to bed.


On my way back to Leeds after a long day of meetings in London, I was booked on a train that meant I had an hour or so to kill. Rather than wait to eat until I got on the train (these are dark days on the East Coast mainline), I opted to grab some food before I headed North and as I was on my own, I wasn’t in the mood for anything too fancy. Plus I only had an hour.

In these circumstances, I might go for a cheeky MacD if I’m feeling sorry for myself (what a strange relationship I have with food), but the options around Kings Cross are pretty poor right now as the station is being refurbished. I headed around the corner to the Regent Quarter where the excellent Spanish bar/restaurant Camino is situated. It was jam packed and I couldn’t afford to sit around as I needed food and not to miss my train.

Nearby I found the rather swish looking Kitchin (sic) which was huge and swanky and actually looked more like a fancy club or bar. Keen to get some grub, I settled in to what was a very surprising dining experience – four cuisines in one buffet bar. On offer was Thai, Chinese, Indian and Italian and although the rationale for each of these was tenuous to say the least, the food was really of a high standard to say it was a buffet.


I’m not usually a fan of buffets, but the quality of the food and level of service combined to make this a quick and satisfying experience. By the way, it’s all you can eat for £12.99. Good job I wasn’t here with the boy, he would have filled not only his boots but his rucksack and his socks with thai green curry and shish kebab (yes, they did kebab too).


The atmosphere was a bit weird and quiet, but it was early evening and I imagine it gets jam packed with value seeking couples and families searching for something for everyone. It’s definitely worth a look if you’re in the area – it’s no culinary great shakes, but sometimes that’s not what’s needed and all that’s required is quantity and bright flavours and Kitchin delivered.

The Sunday Roast

Roast rib if beef was the order of the day at the weekend. After the exploits of Antony’s we thought we’d not eaten enough so we invited a crowd of folk across for a proper, home cooked sunday roast.


The rib of beef came from local butcher’s Bentley’s of Pudsey. It had been properly hung for 4 weeks and had an impressive dark colour on the outside but was beautifully red and well marbled, ensuring succulence and flavour. The fat should be waxy and yellow too, not white.


I always religiously follow HFW’s Meat Book – it always helps to deliver perfectly cooked meat every time. Salt, pepper, olive oil then into the oven for the half hour full heat ‘sizzle’ then turn it down and cook for 15 mins per kilo, or usually about an hour and a half. This rib deserved a lot of TLC and I wanted to get it perfect.



Meanwhile, Julie got busy with the home made Yorkshire puddings. we were cooking on a fairly big scale, so she cooked a mountain of them. Secret here: get the fat smoking hot and get the batter in sharpish and straight in to the oven. Perfection (and I actually like them when they don’t rise too).


Next up was the veggies and the most interesting was the baked beetroot with thyme and garlic. Wrapped up in foil parcels and baked in the oven, they were lovely. And this comes from a non beetroot fan.


Beef out, wrapped in foil and covered in a tea towel to rest for an hour (essential) somewhere warm, but not the oven. Final task was gravy and roasties. The gravy went a bit wrong and I ended up putting tabasco jelly in there as a bit of an experiment – but chilli-esque gravy didn’t really go with everything else! Roasties needed some extra TLC and were cooked in goose fat. Suffice it to say, I had to ration these and guests were not entirely truthful in admitting to what they had eaten in order to snaffle more of them.


So – the humble Sunday lunch. I don’t think there’s a finer home cooked meal when done properly with love and attention. And there’s nothing better spending the afternoon pottering around in the kitchen and then sitting down with family and friends to enjoy the fruits of your labours.

And there’s always the leftovers…

Havana Cultura Event @ The Wardrobe

We’ve been offered two free tickets to the Havana Cultura event at The Wardrobe on Friday night. Apparently there’s a full cuban band and top dj Gilles Peterson will be spinning some discs. It sounds absolutely amazing – email me if you’d like your name on the guest list.
First come first served!!


It’s actually been quite some time since we last went to the ‘proper’ Anthony’s on Boar Lane in Leeds. We’ve been many times to the Piazza in the Corn Exchange and the patchiness of that experience has been well documented in this blog. Great venue, good food, so-so service probably sums that up. I think we’ve forgotten the reason why we loved Anthony’s so much in the first place.


Saturday night rectified that. Dinner with our good, good friends Tim and Karen to celebrate a third decade anniversary (don’t ask, it’s complicated and I get it wrong anyway) and we decided that the best place for it was Anthony’s on Boar Lane.


Now this turned out to be an epic evening with a food experience to rival that of Murano (yep, that good).

It will be hard to deliver a blow by blow account of the evening as those of you know who have had the tasting menu can attest, the food comes thick and fast and to be quite frank, it’s almost impossible to keep track of what you’re eating and drinking. I’ve got some pics and I’ll see how the memory does working with the pics  as a prompt.


Amouse Bouche was a rabbit terrine. Blinding.


Next up, grilled squid with curried granola and pickled onion. I just realised how ridiculous that sounds, but it was seriously brilliant.


Apologies, not a good pic this. But the smoked goose with oyster and kebab grebiche (only kidding about the kebab, although it does sound good) was outrageously gorgeous and hoovered up in seconds.


Salmon extravaganza up next. I probably think that the most salmony experince you’d get in the world would be as a bear clawing live salmon out of a river in Nova Scotia. And then this one. It had salmon eggs too and a really crispy bit of chicken skin. No, really. It was amazing.


Belly pork, deep fried squid ink spagetti and crispy cod eggs. I think. Either way, we’d had plenty of wine by now and the surreal food experience just kept getting weirder. The best thing was, every course just kept raising the bar in terms of culinary excellence and flavours.


Prior to dessert, I ordered the cheese course as an extra. The reason why there are no photos of it is because Tim and Karen eyed it up and expertly nicked as much of it as they could. If I’d have got out the camera, I would have missed it all. Seriously. By the way, it was cheese from the top drawer with an incredibly runny french thing, blacksticks blue and stinking bishop.

The dessert wasn’t the panna cotta Julie was praying for, but some weird concoction with ginger. Probably the least successful course of all for me, but still very good.

Tim finished off by ordering some lovely Spanish brandy type drink – it was deeply aromatic and had a wonderful dark chestnut colour. And it smelled like Bostik (private joke).


Food 10/10, Service 10/10, Ambience 9/10.

This is STILL the best restaurant experience for ‘event dining’ in Leeds. Yes, it’s pricey but the attention to detail and the sheer determination to make it perfect almost oozes through the walls. If you haven’t been yet, go. If you’ve been ages ago (like we had) then go again to remind you of the skill and care that goes into the food at Anthony’s.