Butternut Squash

Julie cooked a delicious vegetarian recipe on Friday evening. There. I’ve said it. I don’t usually put the words ‘delicious’ and vegetarian’ together, such is my passion for all things meaty but on this occasion, it’s fully justified.


The recipe came courtesy of Nigel Slater’s recent ‘Tender’ TV series and subsequent book (although the recipe did appear on TV, we actually couldn’t find it in the book) and it is well up to his normal standards. Every Nigel Slater recipe we ever cook always turns out well – he’s one of the most reliable of cookery writers, even if he didn’t quite manage to pull it off on TV.

The squash is halved and scooped out and stuffed with softened onions, cumin and paprika, topped off with some parmesan. Roasted in the oven for half an hour or so and hey presto, perfect supper. It worked especially well with the slow roasted belly pork that Julie had cooked with it. Althought we’re in danger of squash overload right now, it’s the perfect winter warmer as the nights draw in and the chill of late autumn turns into the dark of winter.

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