Autumn in the South of France

Well I set off with Gerard and Reuben for a few days in the South of France, unfortunately for jess she was supposed to be coming but couldn’t at the last minute. What a treat she missed, the weather was fabulous and it wasn’t very busy either so a good time to visit. Because there was only a few restaurants open we decide to eat at L’eau Christians we have eaten here before but thought we would try it again. The plate du jour (are you impressed) was a treat each day something different from beautiful lamb which melted in your mouth to roast breast of duck, or a bavette du beuf !! These were served with frites and salad or vegetables. The meals were simple and exceptional value from 6-10 euros. It was washed down with Rose wine and occasionally followed by pom de tarte al la creme. Because the value and service was so good we decided to eat there for the four nights we were in Portiragne. I will be visiting again probably next April.




2 thoughts on “Autumn in the South of France

  1. Hi Tess,

    You’re getting good with the pics and Rueben is a little cuty particularly with the specs. Sounds like you had a “feckin” good time…………..


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