On my way back to Leeds after a long day of meetings in London, I was booked on a train that meant I had an hour or so to kill. Rather than wait to eat until I got on the train (these are dark days on the East Coast mainline), I opted to grab some food before I headed North and as I was on my own, I wasn’t in the mood for anything too fancy. Plus I only had an hour.

In these circumstances, I might go for a cheeky MacD if I’m feeling sorry for myself (what a strange relationship I have with food), but the options around Kings Cross are pretty poor right now as the station is being refurbished. I headed around the corner to the Regent Quarter where the excellent Spanish bar/restaurant Camino is situated. It was jam packed and I couldn’t afford to sit around as I needed food and not to miss my train.

Nearby I found the rather swish looking Kitchin (sic) which was huge and swanky and actually looked more like a fancy club or bar. Keen to get some grub, I settled in to what was a very surprising dining experience – four cuisines in one buffet bar. On offer was Thai, Chinese, Indian and Italian and although the rationale for each of these was tenuous to say the least, the food was really of a high standard to say it was a buffet.


I’m not usually a fan of buffets, but the quality of the food and level of service combined to make this a quick and satisfying experience. By the way, it’s all you can eat for £12.99. Good job I wasn’t here with the boy, he would have filled not only his boots but his rucksack and his socks with thai green curry and shish kebab (yes, they did kebab too).


The atmosphere was a bit weird and quiet, but it was early evening and I imagine it gets jam packed with value seeking couples and families searching for something for everyone. It’s definitely worth a look if you’re in the area – it’s no culinary great shakes, but sometimes that’s not what’s needed and all that’s required is quantity and bright flavours and Kitchin delivered.

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