We travelled over to York last weekend for a relaxed afternoon of pre Christmas shopping and a well overdue day trip. We used the train and it was top tip number one – looking at the hordes that crammed into the city, I don’t think you’d be parking a car anytime soon. Plus it was altogether more relaxed and we’d be able to enjoy a nice lunch without worrying about who was going to drive.

Having to battle through crowds of Christmas shoppers isn’t conducive to a relaxed afternoon, so we soon decamped to The Blue Bicycle for lunch. I was told we were lucky to get in there but we took our chances and they had a table for two, so were were sorted! I omitted to take any photographs, so apologies for that – but I can confirm that we had a very agreeable lunch and managed to polish off a couple of bottles of a quite accepatble Chardonnay in the process.

Starters were a mixed bag – Julie’s veggie potato cake things were a bit lacking in the promised coriander bite and my belly pork and cod cheek was an adventurous failure: the individual elements were a success but together, they didn’t quite work. Mains were excellent – I had the sea bass on a bed of spring onion risotto (portions were very generous too) which worked very well. Julie had the same and was equally please with her choice: the combination of sea bass and risotto offering the kind of glamorous comfort food that we enjoy so much. We skipped dessert (although I quite fancied one, Julie insisted we’d eaten and drunk far too much already) and readied ourselves for the crowds once more.

All in all, The Blue Bicycle is a very pleasant lunch experience (and I expect dinner’s pretty good too). There’s an informal atmosphere, friendly staff, efficient and speedy service too. The prices not overly excessive either for city centre York where the tourist Dollar or Yen rules and the wine list was pretty good value. Although this city centre restaurant clearly caters for the out of town diner, it clearly serves the locals well too and it’s good to see a small, successful independent restaurant continuing to do so well.


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