Sunday lunch at The Cross Keys


Winter has properly set in. The relentless gloom of this the shortest days of the year drive us all indoors to seek the comfort of food, friends and fires.

We’d heard about the full rib Sunday roast on offer at The Cross Keys and decided it was a suitable way to while away a winter afternoon. The Cross keys has appeared a number of times on this blog and I make no apologies for its reappearance in the context of what I believe to be the best traditional Sunday lunch experience in a restaurant for a long time.


Almost a full Troffer contingent gathered to worship at the altar of that king of roasts – forerib of beef. If you’ve never tried it, you must waste no time (Bentleys of Pudsey is a good butcher for a start) and I guarantee that you’ll never turn back to silverside *shudder*. Anyway, for £95 you get a full roast joint which you carve yourself, stacks of roast potatoes, veg and gravy. It would easily feed 10 people – there were only 8 of us, but we’re greedy and there was still some left over.

Good local beers were on offer (a particularly toasty brew from Saltaire) and the wine list was great value with a young Rioja delivering plenty of fruit to combat the beefyness of the main course.


It was an old fashioned, traditional and long lunch that saw us dining into the darkness of the early evening and then we wandered up into the city to explore the German market and enjoy a chilly outdoor digestif at Casa Mia. Perfect.

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