Breakfast roundup

Back on the best breakfast in Leeds trail, I took the opportunity to sample the breakfast on offer at one of Leeds’ more stylish hotels, Malmaison. Nursing a monster hangover, I opted for the full English (it had to be done). At £13 a pop, it’s not cheap and I suppose it’s what’s to be expected in a hotel chain.

To be honest, it was fine, but that’s about it. The sausage was good quality and the black pudding nicely cooked and not frazzled. The egg was a bit snotty (you know what I mean) and the rest was Ok. All in all, a disappointment I think and nowhere near the frontrunner harvey Nichols and not a patch on the humble Ringside Cafe. I firmly believe that breakfast is the test of a kitchen and how bothered they are, particularly in the larger hotels and restaurants. If they are offering it, it should be right.


On my way to a meeting with some legal folk, I had a spare half an hour and was in the vicinity of the David Street Cafe in Holbeck Urban Village. Having frequented many of its neighbours (Midnight Bell, Engine House, Cross Keys), I’d been fancying popping in.

It was a gloomy, sleety morning and I was in need of sustenance to get me through to lunchtime, so opted for an egg and bacon sandwich and a pot of tea. It was  classic fare and there was nothing wrong with the service, which was friendly, quick and Leeds-y. As the gooey yolk spurted sideways onto the counter, I eyed up the blackboard greedily for a return visit. The black pudding and spam sandwiched sounded like the guiltiest pleasure I’ve never had.



3 thoughts on “Breakfast roundup

  1. ate at malmaison, Leeds on saturday night – very disappointing! over priced rump steak that wasn’t very good. Will stick to local independents from now on!

    have you tried one of the new little chef’s yet? have a meeting in York on this week – might have to set off early to make a stop off on the A64!

  2. I think although Malmaison is the go to place in Leeds for intimate conversations and business convesations in the bar, it’s no longer got the food crown it once had. As I said, I think it’s hard to keep the food standards up in a chain if there’s not a chef there who’s determined to make his or her mark.

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