Red Chilli (New curry Restaurant)

My last curry with my usual group was at the red Chilli a new restaurant on Leeds Road at Thornbury,I was looking forward to this for two reasons  1) I hadn’t had a curry for a while  2) I have been watching with interest the building alterations to change the premises into a curry house.

Well mixed reviews from myself, The lamb chops were nice as a starter and very spicy my main course I had chicken Karahi , again this was very nice and the portion sizes were just right. I wasn’t too happy having to pay for the condiment tray x2 to go with the popadoms. Most places you pay for the popadoms but not the condiments that go with it.

It was also freezing in the restaurant, not sure that they have got the heating sorted yet as we had to have a heater put behind us. The staff were friendly and service wasn’t bad, although check your bill as we had been charged for an extra portion of lamb Chops. Overall it wasn’t too bad, I would try it again to see if they have sorted things out a bit better now it’s been open a bit longer. It is also Licensed if you fancy a drink.. The food was good.


1 thought on “Red Chilli (New curry Restaurant)

  1. Great stuff Tess. The talk of the lamb chops had my juices watering as ever…! Sounds like a good place and well worth a trip out when they’ve got the teething problems sorted.

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