International Curry House Morley Street, Bradford

On Friday night I was asked By a friend to meet her at the International Curry house in Morley Street, this was a trip down memory lane for me as this was the place I ate my first curry 30 years ago. In fact when I used to go with the guys I was working with I used to have egg and chips until they persuaded me to have a keema curry. I’ve been a fan ever since.


It must be 25 yrs since I was last there  it’s a bit bigger now and it was bustling plenty of atmosphere. I remembered a few faces too, older and wiser just like me !! but  the owner was a little greyer than myself(quite a bit actually). Popadoms and condiments served as soon as you sat down and plenty of them.  I didn’t have my usual lamb chop starter because the other two weren’t having one so I ordered Lamb  and Spinach balti, it was fabulous. Anne had chicken and potato balti whilst Janet had a Keema. The portions were served in only what I could describe as little coal scuttles but there was plenty of it . I was glad I hadn’t had the lamb chops after all. Each main course came with either naan bread , 3 chippatis or rice which was included in the price. The Chippatis were the best I’d ever had, served  hot with my meal.

I was really impressed with my meal, fast pleasant service, tasty hot food, good value for money, a warm multi-cultural atmosphere, I will certainly revist soon and not leave it another 25yrs as I’m not sure I’ll be around then and if I am I won’t be going into Bradford for a curry.


1 thought on “International Curry House Morley Street, Bradford

  1. Give over Tess, the owner doesn’t tint his hair…………
    We’ll all still be going strong in our 70’s!!
    Have to try this place perhaps after footi.


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