The Year so Far

Firstly apologies to all as we have been out of order for not regularly posting. Trying to catch up is always daunting so we hope you don’t mind that we have just given short comments on The Year So Far mainly re the places just so we can get up to date. We can’t mention all the dishes we enjoyed (not good for a foodie website we know) as to be honest we didn’t take notes but please do check out the websites as most of the places mentioned below are well worth a visit. Please comment  if this is inappropriate for Globe Troffers because it just becomes a blog we guess.

The Electric cinema/house/brasserie, 191 Portobello Road, London W11 2ED(

I was on a big pitch with some business colleagues and this was the end of months of hard work so the team was treated by our partners with lunch at The Electric in Notting Hill. To say I was surprised when we arrived to be going into a classical cinema is an understatement. The building has been restored and upstairs there is a really cool brasserie. The food was fantastic and the company excellent. Fingers crossed we win the work.

Pizza Express Financial Quarter Leeds.

Lunch with a mate, Diavola pizzas plus large bottle of Peroni each. Worth a mention as the pizza swere super thin crust and full of peperoni/jalepono peppers. At £10 per head well worth a visit.

Aagrah, Leeds.

Still the best curry in Leeds. My colleague had my favourite Jingha Kas plate….wish I’d stuck to my usual but my Keema Balti was top!

Tiger Lily, Edinburgh.

Early start to Edinburgh so my colleagues and decided on a quick lunch before setting off back to Leeds. Tiger Lily is a cool bar and restaurant serving world cuisine on George Street which I would recommend as a must. We shared an antipasti plate which had every type of meat and pickle Italy had to offer and then we had starter portions of seafood risotto/ mussels all were spot on and the service was excellent. Peronis and chilled chardonnays were very complimentary. All only worked out at £20 per head but beware this place can be expensive if cocktails, fine wine and champers is the form but the surroundings are fab.

Flying Pizza, Street Lane, Leeds.

I had some retired Directors round for a factory tour and when they ran the business the company regularly entertained clients at the legendary Flying Pizza so I guess it was inevitable that we would end up going down memory lane. The place is stereotypically Italian and hasn’t changed much just refreshed. The obligatory sharing of tomato garlic pizza was followed by various fresh fish which was just excellent. D thinks it’s a bit too “show off place” which is probably right weekend evenings but at lunch I forgot just how good this establishment can be!

Breakfast at Thorpe Park.

I had a breakfast meeting at this 5 star hotel, only thing worth saying is that it was not that good and at £15, 5 star price but 3 star food.

Fish, chips and Opera.

As it was my birthday I took a day off work and walked Chester a few miles to the Bankhouse and shared a packet of pork scratchings but he wasn’t allowed any of the Deuchars!

The evening was planned to be Harvey Nicks pre Theatre dinner followed by La Boheme at The Grand. Best laid plans as they say….we met Pat and Tony at Harvey Nicks for a drink only to find the whole of the 4th Floor Cafe was taken over by Santander for a Corporate event. We then decided to go to Nash’s, starters included a cold fish platter that included smoked salmon, prawns and mackerel pate plus a portion of prawn cocktail(with red onion??). Haddock and chips was followed by ice cream all very lovely. A couple of bottles of Rose and a bottle of Sauvignon Blanc went down well. The Opera was good but the Tenor didn’t quite have the power.

1 thought on “The Year so Far

  1. Electric Brasserie looks very cool – worth a look when next in London and Tiger Lily looks pretty funky too.

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