Sunday afternoon and The Stansfield Arms


The weather was simply too beautiful to stay in bed all day (as we had planned) and after the inevitable phone call from G, we decided that it would be a complete scandal if we didn’t make the most of the incredibly crisp and clear day on Sunday.

Depositing a car at Rodley we aimed to walk along the Leeds-Liverpool canal to Apperley Bridge and walk back, perhaps talking in a pub lunch at the half way marker. It seemed like it wasn’t one of the most original ideas in the world as it was quite busy initially, but the crowds soon thinned out. Other than the odd cyclist hell bent on mowing down hapless meanderers like ourselves,it was the most perfect way to spend a few hours on a Sunday afternoon.


After a good hour or so, the lad dived in to the canal (he was definitely that way out) and by the time we reached The Stansfield Arms, he was pretty much dry, although shivering from his exertions.

The food at The Stansfield was the biggest surprise – and a pleasant one. We’d not not been for years (Julie reckoned she’d never been, but I dispute this) and the lunches were excellent. The place was jammed to the rafters and we hunkered down with Taylors for the boys and Rose for the girls, expecting a long wait. But no. Food arrived pretty smartly and was good in all sorts of ways: chips – twice fried and excellent, pork – meltingly good, fish – good and fresh, tuna salad – massive and steak and kidney pudding – simply gorgeous.




On this evidence, you can see why this place was packed. Simple, Sunday food cooked very well with a price point and a level of service that would (and should) make a LOT of other Leeds restaurants blush.

Anyhoo, the walk back was definitely needed!


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