Monmouth Coffee Company


On my trip to London this week, I fortuitously met up with my good friend Jon Moss who happened to be in town seeing a couple of clients. We’d both managed to finish our meetings early and met up in Covent Garden.

Jon insisted we had a coffee in ‘ London’s BEST coffee shop’. Now that’s big talk from Mr Moss, especially given his high brow coffee appreciation. Jon buys his own beans from Has Bean Coffee and knows a thing or two about good coffee, so I followed his lead and ordered a Macchiato whilst Jon ordered ‘the drink that’s taking London by storm – a flat white’. All the rage in Australia and New Zealand, apparently. And both were excellent, as expected.

The shop was buzzing and doing a roaring trade, testament itself to the quality of the coffee on offer. Although I’m no coffee expert, you could tell there was an expert barista behind these sublime beverages. With so much competition for the hot drink dollar in London, Monmouth Coffee sets itself apart by appearing small and independent from the chains. All of their coffee comes from sources they know well: single farms, estates and co-operatives. They adopt a very refreshing approach to sourcing and using coffee they simply like the taste of and know where it’s come from.

Next time you’re in Covent Garden (or Borough Market) give them a try, you won’t be disappointed.

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