In Leeds there’s a local brewery that I think is taking the city by a very quiet storm. I first came across the Leeds Brewery in The Victoria or I think The Adelphi a year or so ago (it may be longer) with their excellent Leeds Best Bitter and their sublime Leeds Pale Ale.

Quite quickly, it seemed, they had a foothold in the competitive Leeds bar market with great bars/pubs The Midnight Bell, The Brewery Tap and Pin. Each place has its own ‘USP’-  apologies for the marketing terminology (unique selling proposition, if you’d like to know) – and they have firmly established themselves on the scene.

Good food and drink in cool surroundings seem to be the bare minimum and fair play to them I say. In Holbeck, The Midnight Bell does everything right and is part of a scene which includes The Cross Keys that helps to keep people down that part of town. The Brewery Tap is a bit odd, but it works. Huge plate glass windows aren’t conducive to a quiet drink in daylight hours at least.

That brings me to Pin. Tucked away on Dock Street, just around the corner from The Adelphi, it’s laid back and has something about it. I had lunch there today. Just a simple sandwich with a glass of Rose but the ambience and the quality of the food, drink and service made me want to spend more time in its modern/eclectic vibe.

I like the fact that these places take as much care with their food as they do with their beer. They deserve to be successful because there’s a care being taken with pretty much the whole operation that is sadly lacking in many of the city’s bars and restaurants.

But that’s OK, because I won’t be going there – I’ll be going to Pin, Midnight Bell and Brewery tap because at the end of the day, I like places that care about their customers and what they do.

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