Chino Latino

Dinner with a colleague in Leeds, we fancied Sashimi and over the years the best in town by a mile has been at Chino Latino’s. The restaurant was reasonably busy for a Wednesday night which as always is a good sign. A couple of Singha beers to start and then it has to be Champagne or Chablis with Sashimi, not feeling in that extravagent a mood went for the Chablis.

The sashimi was very well presented as always but not quite up to the normal high standard. For mains we opted for Black Cod plus Monk Fish accompanied by Jasmine rice and Pak Choi. Everything was very good but again it didn’t seem quite as spot on as I had remembered. I mentioned this to the waitress and she gave us very interesting reply. As chino’s in Leeds only ever source the freshest sustainable fish they had recently found it difficult to maintain standards due to the extreme rarity caused by over fishing. As with other higher end restaurants they were contemplating using some of the better farmed fish suppliers………….A lesson to us all! I have to say despite the above this is still the best Asian Fusion place in Leeds and is very good.

Sorry no pics.


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