A quick run out to Sand Hutton Asparagus Farm netted a few bundles of green joy.

The asparagus season lasts but a few weeks in the UK – and it finishes on the 21st June this year, to be precise. When British asparagus spears are in season they are the best in the world and they really do make a mockery of the imported rubbish we get from Chile and Mexico or god knows where. Fat, plump spears of slender shoots – either way, they’re bloody good.

Usually, we cook it very simply – either gently poached and served with butter and sea salt or griddled in the pan. This time, we opted for a risotto as J is fixated on the Italian comfort food. It was truly lovely and bursting with green spring flavour. I used the unfailingly good River Cafe Easy book as a guide, surely one of the best cookbooks on the shelf.

We will be heading out to Sand Hutton again (it’s about half an hour from Leeds) before too long.

One final thing – apparently asparagus makes 50% of the population’s pee smell very distinctive – just like asparagus in fact. Does that apply to you? It does me (too much information, I realise).


1 thought on “Asparagus

  1. Many thanks for your kind donation of asparagus to the Singh household; butter, sea salt and roasted in the oven….umm delicious.

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