Hakkasan, Soho, London

A start of a 2 night extravaganza. I was in London on business and met with business associates both evenings. 1st night was dinner at Hakkasan a Michelin starred Chinese Restaurant in Soho.

This place is so cool it could be a night club, the bar is long with mood lighting and every type of licquer on the planet. The chef is Tong Chee Hwee, booking is essential and the crowd is eclectic. The wine list is 25 pages long…………

After cocktails we opted for Chablis and Saki Sayuri Nigari.

Starters were steamed(you can have roast/baked/fried or steamed) Dim Sum and a plate of Salt and Pepper Squid.

Mains again shared, Scottish Diver Scallop with Vermicelli in XO black bean sauce plus stir fried Mongolian Venison, accompanied with Pak Choi.


All that needs to be said is you need to cross this cool place off you’re list!! A MUST.


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