St Pancras Grand.

Just before we caught the train back up Norf we decided to check out the St Pancras Grand in the newly renovated St Pancras Station which now is the Euro Star hub. This is a very special place with the huge glass and steel roof, giant statue of Man and Woman embracing a truly magnificent introduction to Cool Britannia. Evokes a grand and bygone era, sitting sipping champagne from a  taster selection we watched what seemed like the the whole world go by, rushing to catch, meet or greet tugging behind them kids, luggage or both, is their journey starting or finished? I love sitting, watching and wondering especially with a glass of champagne.


Time to eat, we had watched various plates come and go and all looked very appetising…G opted for 1/2 doz Dorset Organic rock oysters, unusual shells and plenty of meat…he savoured every one! I had the grilled cheddar and ham sandwich with tomato chutney and yes you guessed, fat chips…which were delicious..I have to be in the right mood for oysters so G ate all 6 to himself  but helped me with the fat chips!!Stuffed to the brim I ventured into the main restaurant to look at the seafood display, a couple were sat at the end of the bar snuggled around a large sharing seafood platter which looked fabulous..the chef was preparing a platter of oysters but looked up and took the time to say hello..


sandwichA final glass of champagne but this time I opted for the Gosset Grand reserve, fresh and crisp with a lasting flavour before our journeys end.


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