La Grillade, Leeds

Having read Phil’s post we decided to give La Grillade a visit as it must be over 10 years since we last visited La Grillade at it’s original site. The place has been done up since it’s return which one would expect and is very much low key French brasserie. It was a Wed evening so the place was quiet, we started off with a couple of glasses of champagne and D’s second glass was flat but when this was mentioned it was replaced.  Strangely instead of seating everyone in the same room  for atmosphere we were shown to a separate room but we didn’t mind too much as it was nice to have a quiet meal together.

We had starters of black pudding(G) and mussels(D) which were very good. For mains lamb cutlets (D) were superb and Toulouse sausage (G) very tasty, french fries were thin and crispy and the green salad was dressed simply with an oil vinegarette. All accompanied by a bottle of Perrier and a nice Rose.a2
















Despite the stereotypical surly laissez faire French service (don’t know if this is on purpose for effect…..) we decided to try a shared desert of something that looked like messy chocolate mousse but tasted fantastic and of course we had to try the cheese board(gluttony….) which was just smelly and as good as a French restaurant should be in this area!

We took coffee and cognac in the bar and the all that for about £70 per head………

Worth it? Well yes but we’d both like to feel welcomed next time.


3 thoughts on “La Grillade, Leeds

  1. I worked at La Grillade as a student in Leeds [Grim] in the early 90s. There was a policy, which sounds like it is still in place, which you may have fallen foul of: if they took a dislike to you they used to put people in odd parts of the restaurant and then ignore them. This was done in the hope that the customer would not return but not make a fuss. It was known as the Mulagar treatment after an old head waiter. He had a disgust of fat, boorish, loud or uncouth customers, if you fall into this category then this may explain why you were seated where you where.

  2. Hey Markus,

    Don’t think we’ve had a comment from you before so thanks for the interest and your insight into the possible 90’s service hangover at La Grillade. As D’s a georgous size 10 she can’t be seen as fat as for me well I could do with losing a few pounds.(love my food I’m a Globetroffer) Loud? Well as the atmosphere on a Wednesday night is the same as that on the moon, being loud would have meant talking just above a whisper so that leaves uncouth and boorish. It was a quiet night out with the Mrs so I was on my very best behaviour SO I think the service was probably not meant to target us. However who knows, perhaps it was that when you get caught out serving flat Champagne at La Grillade you react in a particular way or on the other hand they may have felt they were doing us a favour as we looked like we were enjoying each others company.
    Either way the food was good and it will be worth another visit but compared to it’s peers La Grillade has some way to go.


  3. Hi there,

    My partner and I are eating at this restaurant tonight, as we did a few weeks ago.

    Having read the above I will take note this evening but it does raise a rather interesting conumdrum.

    A Mr P Hodson eats at this restaurant regularly, he is most definitely all of the above, in spades….and is regularly seated at the best tables….could it be his close friendship with the owner Guy or is it a fact of life that these types of people have a natural propensity to overbear and ruin the ambience both visually and atmospherically?

    I will let you know if the food is as good as it was!

    Yours kindly


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