The Yorkshireman

Another 25th wedding anniversary dinner amongst our Troffer crowd was the reason for an evening at The Yorkshireman Restaurant in Hipperholme, near Halifax.

Tucked away just off the main Brighouse road, we knew of the restaurant from the old days when we lived in Northowram and P&T live just up the road from this locally renowned hidden gem. On the outside it has the look of a pub that’s punching above its weight but from the inside it has the look of an upmarket bistro. First impressions were very good. It was reassuringly busy for a Saturday night and after a couple glasses of Veuve Cliquot we were led to our table.

Having perused the menu whilst in the bar, the food arrived very promptly (which we always like) – the short, manageable menu clearly allows the kitchen to concentrate on getting the food right and onto our plates quickly. The menu consisted of plenty of bistro-style classics and covered the bases well. I opted for the seared scallops and aged beef fillet, other highlights included a very spicy chilli tiger prawn combo (which we all took turns at dipping into), succulent belly pork and meltingly goo calves liver. The pan fried  halibut looked very good too.

Desserts was a trio of loveliness with the liquorice ice cream winning hands down. We missed the cheese unfortunately as we had to make a swift exit to our second engagement of the evening (much in demand, obviously) – I’m told that the cheese board was duly ravaged, again a good sign.

The Yorkshireman is certainly worth a visit if you’re in Calderdale – P&T tells me that they’ve never had a bad meal there and T sets high standards, so that’s praise indeed. On top of this, the prices are pretty good too, with mains less than a fiver and mains £15 (with a supplement for the fillet) and the service was warm and attentive too.

2 thoughts on “The Yorkshireman

  1. Thanks for your comments Phil. Everybody seemed to enjoy the evening and we will point Chris and deborah in the direction of your blog.

  2. Good to hear that the standards are still high. I haven’t been in a few years but have had many a family meal here over the years and to echo your post i’ve never had a bad meal.

    Also good to see the Mien Tay post – love the Shoreditch one and will definetely head over to Battersea to give it a go!

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