Liverpool has been transformed in recent years and the city centre is streets ahead of many of its Northern competitors. It has a waterfront which makes all the difference and I think that’s what we’re missing in Leeds.

Anyway, I’m not here to whinge about what we don’t have  in Leeds. We spent a hugely enjoyable weekend in liverpool last weekend with Time and Karen and our dinner on the Saturday night was at Lunya – a relatively new Catalonian restaurant right in the centre, near where we stayed.

It really had the feel of a restaurant abroad and the authentic vibe with live Spanish guitarist and a vibrant, buzzy upstairs room. We opted for the Tapas banquet a) because we were hungry and b) the extensive menu looked daunting and hard work. The set menu Tapas turned out to be a fantastic choice and at £32 a head it was very good value. There was about six or seven courses (I say around because I lost count after the first three) and the food just comes along when you’ve finished the first lot.

The quality of the cooking was as good as anything I’ve had in Spain and certainly rivalled my other favourite Tapas place, Barafina in Soho. Highlights included salt cod croquettes, pardon peppers, cured meats, orangey balck pudding wrapped in Iberico, amazing cured meat platters, cheese with dinky breadsticks, the tiniest and tastiest of mussels, the most garlicky cod cheeks and a cheese plate to dies for featuring the hard to find Cabrales. We ploughed on and even found room for dessert and cheese – don’t ask me how – and all of this was washed down by some rather lovely Spanish Ribero and Rioja.

If you plan a visits to Liverpool, I can highly recommend Lunya – it’s a little piece of Catalonia transported to the land of the scousers.


2 thoughts on “Lunya

  1. As a scouse chef who left the UK three years ago to live and work in the South west of France I can recommend a few Liverpool places to go that might tickle your fancy. Elifs on lark lane, delifonseca in town, host on hope street all excellent choices. They are my top tips anyway! You might like to have a look at whats good down here on my blog which is basically about our french food adventures…

    Cheers nbso

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