I’m quite a fan of Indian food and being based in West Yorkshire does mean that we have an incredible choice of Indian cuisine (although I suspect quite a lot of it doesn’t actually originate from India).

So I was quite keen then, on a recent business trip to Bangalore in southern part of the sub continent, to try as much of the food as possible. The one caveat I applied to this concept was my fear of upsetting my finely balanced constitution. I used to think mine was iron, but visits to Egypt have proven me wrong on that one.

I needn’t have worried. Restaurant food in Bangalore is by and large excellent. There are always the dodgy ones of course but I was kept well away from them by my hosts for the trip. It’s won’t go into every meal in endless detail as I think a snapshot will give the reader a sense of the food.

Breakfast speciality in Bangalore is the Dosa which is a fermented rice pancake made from rice batter and flavoured with whatever’s lying around,. I had a tomato one for breakfast and was quite excited by the soothing quality of the rosa and the spicy potato stuffing.


Lunches by and large were sandwiches at desks and these again were flatbread wraps style, stuffed with different types of meat – chicken, mutton, beef. I was surprised that meat eating was as widespread as it was – I thought that part of India was firmly vegetarian. I suspect this reflects the growth of the city and its prominence as a world centre for out-sourcing.


After turning down the option for a western style dinner, I insisted we tried the local cuisine on my last night there. The restaurant food I had that night was of the highest quality (it was a pretty fancy place I admit) and rather than try to navigate the menu, I asked my hosts to order for me and the simply grilled meat and fish was outstanding. The food was no hotter than Akbar’s in Leeds – in fact, less hot – and the Indians I dined with marvelled at my ability to eat what they thought was overly hot food. I was slightly nervous as I flying the following day but I needn’t have worried.

My only regret was that I didn’t try a really authentic Bangalore restaurant (I think my hosts were reluctant to take me to one) or any street food. Perhaps next time I go I might be tempted to try these as I’m sure there will be delights to be found although in mitigation, the Bangalore food landscape is quite a daunting place even for an adventurous foodie like myself.


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