Aagrah Midpoint, Bradford

A nice walk to the Valley pub which turned out to be a great find proper boozer and a few beers saw our Sunday of to a good start but as usual hunger pangs set in so we decided to grab a taxi and head out to the Aagrah, usually we would head to Aagrah Leeds( our fav) but they don’t open until 5.30 and couldn’t wait….Aagrah Midpoint is spacious but lacks something decorative because it was mid afternoon it was fairly quiet and the staff were busy preparing for the Sunday evening buffet rush..
Fresh crispy poppadoms served with the usual spicy pickles were quickly devoured by the six of us and starters consisted of masala fish, veggie samosa and a tandoori mix..mains included shah Jahan for G chicken Korma, chicken balti and I had my usual Lamb chops served on a sizzling platter …all were delicious..Just note that Aagrah Midpoint food tends to be a bit spicier than the Leeds restaurant..food approx £75 for 6.



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