I accept I’m not the most veggie friendly person in the world and that Terre a Terre was insanely great non meat food.

But in my opinion the most fun place to eat in Brighton is Bill’s.

If you know Brighton you’ll know Bill’s. It’s always jammed with people and the great vibe and perfectly judged food ensures people just keep coming back. It’s an odd hybrid of grocery store and dining room that wouldn’t be out of place in Southern California (really) but it just works. It’s bright and breezy, the staff are superb and it seems like the quintessential Brighton restaurant. It’s a small chain that started in Brighton and went North to London – apparently the other ones aren’t quite as good as the original – but Brighton is pretty good I have to say.

The menu is simple and well put together. Very veggie friendly which is always a consideration when out with the sister and reasonably priced for Brighton with house wines at a sensible £14. Considering the affluent Brighton crowd it’s all incredibly good value. You can’t book but if you time it right the wait isn’t too long and although we hit it on Easter weekend we got seated right away. Breakfast is the best in Brighton and the lunch is a relaxed, feel good adventure even though service can be slow when it’s busy.

All in all, it’s charm won me over and the continuing popularity of Bill’s is more than just hype. It has a big reputation that it delivers on by doing the basics right  – and of course if you do that, then everything else takes care of itself.



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