The Loaf – Crich, Derbyshire


There are not many places where you get welcomed as a friend, eat delicious food, but also get to take home baking equipment and bread making advice.

After my last post about Jeera in Crich, I promised to review The Loaf on our next visit to pizza night. It was only half way through eating my Capricciosa that I remembered this, so apologies for the rather rushed phone photos. Not much gets between me and my food.

Other than special events like Storytelling nights or Children in Need, The Loaf only opens as a pizza restaurant on Wednesday’s, but it’s a real midweek bonus if you remember to book one of the two sittings. The pizzas are baked in the ovens that are used to bake gorgeous bread for the cafe, and various other outlets, during the day. They have a perfect thin, slightly chewy crust and a traditional selection of toppings. The dessert options are delicious too, tonight we shared the lemon cheesecake and apple frangipane tart. There is no alcohol licence so you need to take your own wine if you fancy a glass, but Ed especially likes their coffee and always finishes the evening with an Americano.

To go along with their bread baking classes various baking accoutrements are now on sale. So tonight I have come home with a traditional cane proving basket, a grignette (a blade for slashing the dough) and a reclaimed oven stone for baking on. I also got a some invaluable advice on how to use it all.

So, Pizza Night is well worth a visit…and I promise that my next post will be a little farther afield than ‘right on my doorstep’.

3 thoughts on “The Loaf – Crich, Derbyshire

  1. I will assume it’s bad news for your waistline when your pictures of half eaten food devolve into shots of empty plates. My mother made bread all the time and had a thing like in your picture. She also had a cloche, an earthenware baker with lid for making boules. That razor slasher thing here is called a lame or am I crazy? I have a pizza stone and after years in a cabinet, finally dislodged it and made pizza a few weeks ago, leaving me with a few individual leftover pizzas for my freezer. Today for lunch I heated one in the toaster oven. Sad to say they’re now all gone. Nothing like a frozen pizza when you’re in a hurry–especially if it’s homemade. Enjoy making your own pizza and breads. Next you’ll be buying one of those outdoor wood fired ovens like they sell at Williams-Sonoma. I think that would be lovely. Jonathan Waxman, famed here for his roast chicken, has a pizza place (I think in NYC, not sure) and he roasts the chickens in a pizza oven in a cast iron frypan. They’re supposed to be the best roast chickens in the country.

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