Chino Latino, Leeds

After a particularly tough and sapping week of work I was expecting a quiet night in as agreed with D that morning. However things in our home can take a fast turn, walking in through the front door I was greeted enthusiastically by the Lad and by D but the Lad was heading for a hide chew and we were heading out for dinner as “if you think I want to stay in two nights running….”.
A cab was ordered and we set off to Leeds but were still debating where to eat on the journey. Arriving in Leeds with the rain pouring we headed for the nearest place which happened to be The Restaurant Bar and Grill which as always was buzzing but they could only offer us a table around the back so we decided against eating there. Across City Square is Chino Latino which rarely fails to delight us food wise but they are iffy when it comes to making cocktails.
Chino’s was not overly busy and offered us a nice table so that was settled. I had a Rekorderlig pear cider and D ordered a mojito which was disappointing. We were hungry so we went through to the table, the place was hosting several tables, one for a large birthday party so the atmosphere was good. The menu is Asian Fusion and so the decision making process can be challenging due to a fantastic choice. We settled on too much food as always. I always go for the sashimi set as it is the best sashimi in town by a country mile, D ordered 2 starters, prawn tempura and crispy duck. The sashimi is 3 pieces each of the freshest most naked tuna, sea bass and salmon with wasabi and ginger just perfect. Tempura prawns come with a seafoods dip and crushed wasabi peas again perfect. However talk about over order even though I tried to help D we didn’t get through much of the duck but it was nice.
3 yes 3 mains were ordered because I couldn’t decide between the Lobster jungle curry and the Black Cod, D ordered her favourite Lamb cutlets with miso and Chinese snow pea. No sides though.
The Lobster Jungle curry includes the tiger prawns, scallops as well the most fabulous oriental mushrooms all in a fragrant curry sauce. The Cod was covered in the most sublime sweet sticky sauce and yet still flakey tender white flesh.
I know we sound greedy and some great food was left over but you know what the guilt subsides when you have such a gastronomic treat that was so unexpected. The chefs are magicians and artists, check out the presentation!






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