I had a 4 day business trip to Dusseldorf with a couple of colleagues and managed to get to a couple of places worth a mention.

Schellenburg Hotel and Restaurant was a good find. Spotted by a colleague on the way into the Expo we were visiting we decided to pop in as it was on the river Rhine right opposite the Exhibition halls gtand after 7 hours on the go very convenient. Asparagus is in season and highly regarded in the region so I started with a white asparagus with crayfish which was extremely fresh and tasty, great combo. For main I opted for a “ribs of lamb” otherwise known to us as a rack of lamb which was perfect. My colleagues had asparagus soup and beef steaks which looked great and were spot on. The portions are big kind of American size.
The view was amazing with a big fast flowing river, very busy traffic including huge cargo barges and even water skiing. Check it out if you are in town

My colleague was keen for me to try a typical “pub” so after a second very day we went into central Dusseldorf which was buzzy with people having fun inside and on the pavements. We tried the local dark beer which is generally taken in small glasses, the waiters make marks on your beer mat and you settle when you have had enough. I wasn’t given an option and I was told to have the pork a knuckle which is a local heart attack on a plate delicacy. The crackling was awesome and the dish is served with red cabbage and boiled potatoes. Heavy but now and again great fun.




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