San Carlo Flying Pizza, Leeds

Since it’s rebirth we have visited the Flying Pizza a few times and always had a good time. However after a walk with our dog to Roundhay Park we decided to see if there were any seats available outside the FP so we could have a nice al fresco experience.
The seating is very nice outside the restaurant and it was empty so it raised our hopes. I went inside to ask if we were ok to sit outside and at first was told it may rain but then RUDELY because the Front Of House didn’t expect me to understand Italian the fact we had a dog with us the answer was no. I don’t mind if people are straight but I felt particularly offended. We are now sat outside VINeataly in Leeds a good hour later and the sun is out.
Personally and professionally we frequent Leeds Restaurants a lot but I will not spend my money or time where people have such bad manners. :-((
Ps the above mentioned dog and its owners are welcomed at The Star at Harome, The Devonshire Hotel, The Feversham Arms and many more highly regarded establishments..
VINeataly was great.. :-))

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