California Grill – Disneyworld

When you think of Disneyworld you might not immediately think about good food, yet it was one of the things I looked forward to most when we were planning our trip to Florida. We booked a lot of our evening meals before we left the UK. I wanted to make sure that we didn’t miss some of the unique restaurants that I had read about.

One of these was the California Grill at the Contemporary Resort near Magic Kingdom. As it happens, due to a clash in our schedule I did speak to the Concierge about cancelling this meal, but she wouldn’t let me! She said she saved up to eat there and it was so good, if we didn’t go, she would turn up and pretend to be us so that she could take our table. So we decided to stick to our plan and head over there for dinner on our last night.

The foyer of The Contemporary Hotel, although perhaps a little dated, is quite something. With the monorail silently gliding right through the hotel, it’s an interesting start to the evening. When you check-in a host comes and takes you to an elevator that takes you up to the top floor to the California Grill.

The views from the table were fantastic as there are huge panoramic windows all around the restaurant. The sun was starting to set on the horizon as we looked over Magic Kingdom and across the lake to the more exclusive resorts and ordered our meal. We had our first bottle of wine of the holiday (we had been too tired to drink wine all the other evenings) and our waiter rustled up a special cocktail for the boy.

For starters I chose the Goat Cheese Ravioli that the Concierge had recommended and Ed had a delicious looking Shrimp Salad. For the main course Ed chose the Filet Mignon and I had T-Bone Lamb Steaks. Both of which were excellent. George wasn’t sure what he wanted from the menu as it was all quite ‘fancy pants’ so the waiter asked him what he really liked. They prepared him exactly what he requested: Roast chicken, roast potatoes, green beans and a jug of gravy. Perhaps not haute cuisine, but it was delicious (I may have tried some!) and served beautifully. It certainly takes the stress out of eating out with children when the staff are careful to make sure that the younger ones are happy.


The desserts were even better than the mains. I chose the Valrhona melt in the middle chocolate pudding with rhubarb ice cream, Ed had a banana praline thing and George had ‘Heather’s cookie plate’ which included mini whoopie pies, Meyer lemon bars, chocolate chip shortbread and a tiny cup of frothed milk. Gorgeous.

After a coffee, the only slight hiccup as it wasn’t very hot, we headed out to the balcony to get an unusual eye level view of the Magic Kingdom fireworks.


I have no complaints about any of the food we had whilst at Disneyworld, the choice and quality were surprisingly good, and although the California Grill uses double tokens it was worth it for a really special meal to round off our holiday.

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