Cuvée Leeds

Champagne and cocktails, opening night, first in, Yay I’m happy? sadly no..A lovely venue in a prime location…….. so why waste an opportunity? No mixologist on site makes for poor cocktails…iPad drinks list was too long winded and staff who don’t know what they are doing is a recipe for disaster.. I was really excited when I heard Cuvée was opening and I hope they have sorted the teething problems..

3 thoughts on “Cuvée Leeds

  1. Hi Dave, surely it’s better to take some constructive criticism on the chin and work to improve the bar using it as a basis. It’s great that you’ve got some award winning mixologists but the customer experience this time was poor so either they need to make themselves more visible or you guys could look into bringing in one or two more so that all your customers get to enjoy their experience.

  2. Hi Dave

    I actually attended the VIP launch with a colleague and was invited by your PR company.

    Although I didn’t have any issues around award-winning invisible mixologists (as I was drinking red wine) I did think you were missing a big trick by not hooking the iPads up to the till systems. As a technology geek I quite liked the innovation of the iPads but was quite disappointed that I couldn’t place my order via the iPad and then the bottle of wine turn up on the table. Now that would have been cool.

    There were some teething problems on the night such as staff not quite knowing what they were doing, but they’re kind of to be expected in any new venture. I was disappointed that of the two free drinks vouchers that the first one I could have a wine of my choice ( a nice Malbec in this instance) and the second was a thin house red. A minor quibble, but it felt a little cheap to be honest.

    I’d agree that the location and fit out of the bar is superb and I’m sure that location with Fazenda, Vineataly and the Doubletree will work really well for you but I have to admit the VIP evening was a bit of a let down and subsequent reports like the blog above haven’t filled me with enthusiasm to return.

    I hope you take these comments constructively – after all, it’s not often one gets honest customer feedback that will help improve your overall customer experience and offering is it? Here at Globetroffers we’re proud to support all our local independent businesses and genuinely want them to succeed.


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