The Mansion, Roundhay Park, Leeds

Last Saturday we decided to take advantage of the rarity that is sunshine this summer by talking a walk around Roundhay park with The Lad. We decided a light lunch at the recently refurbished Mansion was a nice way to start. Sitting outside the restaurant it is impossible not to admire the Victorians for their ambition and need to create wonderful spaces with spectacular views for the masses to enjoy, if only we had such foresight nowadays.
We both chose from the “Daily Specials list” ordering two dishes of Whitby Crab and King Prawn Salad with cucumber ribbons plus a bowl of chips to share. D had a glass of Rose and I ordered a bottle of Peroni. The salads looked great but the chips did appear to be anaemic but were actually crispy and very tasty. The service despite the place being busy was excellent and very friendly. We could have sat there all afternoon but The Lad was impatient and loves his walk around this super park. The bill was just £35 and all three of us will be back.


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