Red’s True BBQ

At the weekend, we were invited to the press launch of Leeds’ newest restaurant, Red’s. There have been a few restaurant openings in Leeds which can only be a good thing for us customers – more competition means more choice and higher quality food and service which in turn makes for competitive prices. I’m sure not everyone sees it that way but I do and it’s exactly what a city like Leeds should have.

I have to admit I was quite excited about this opening – having seen the posters in the window a week before, it looked exactly like the kind of place I’d love. American-style meat feast – what’s not to love about that?

So Red’s is essentially a sexed up version of the classic American BBQ joint that serves ribs, wings, burgers and all the paraphernalia you’d come to expect around that. Admittedly, you can get all of the above currently in the city – Rib Shakk has been rocking the only rib choice in town and young upstarts like Johnny Fontane’s and upmarket GBK serving fancy burgers for fun. But the key here is no-one is really doing it all in a stylish one stop shop meaty BBQ approach.

The great news is that Red’s is a baby born of a passion for all things meaty and the owners clearly know what they’re talking about. On the opening night, co-owner Scott spoke of their passion to get this right and seeking out specialist smoking equipment and shipping it to the UK. So, Red’s is full of passionate people who care about meat and on top of that, it’s an independent restaurant. Full marks so far.

Everything from the branding through to the interiors of Red’s is top-notch, with no corners visibly cut. This restaurant looks the part and for me, that matters a lot. I suspect it matters a lot for the image conscious diners it plans to attract. In my experience it’s usually the big boy chains who get this right as they have pretty deep pockets.

The vibe in the restaurant was exciting and full of energy – it was press night after all and staff were in abundance to deal with what I thought was a pretty full restaurant. on the whole I think they coped well and although we had a few glitches like mains arriving when we were still eating starters, but it’s early days and the staff were charming enough.

So what about the food?

Well Red’s has one of those menus where I wanted to try everything but that’s clearly not a good idea. So we opted for spicy chicken wings, poppers (stuffed jalapeños) to get started and smoked brisket and a bucket o bones for mains with a few sides for good measure. Every table comes with a range of delicious home-made sauces so you can spice things up as far as you want to – the hot sauce did it for me by the way. The highlight for me was the smoked brisket which was meltingly tender. The ribs were good – a selection of beef and pork – but I think next time I’ll try a full rack. For all you rib aficionados out there it’s worth pointing out that these ribs are cooked on the BBQ, not sous vide (ie in water) the results are quite different and it’ll come down to personal taste which you prefer. I happen to like both methods.

The cocktails and drinks list are pretty extensive too ( and reasonably priced for central Leeds) although we stuck to beer on this occasion. Prices are sensible too for a prime location in the heart of the ‘going out’ district in Leeds. Although we had our food paid for on the night, we will definitely return on our own dollar to explore further.

Red’s is a welcome addition to restaurant scene in Leeds with no real direct competitor to what they’re offering and I believe that on this first experience I can see it flourishing. My advice would be to let the fuss die down for a week or two and then head right over, preferably on an empty stomach.

In meat we trust indeed.

4 thoughts on “Red’s True BBQ

  1. There is “Cattle Grid” just around the corner, which I would say is a competitor. I look forward to trying out both of these BBQ meat houses!

    • Of course, I agree it’s a competitor in some ways, but not all. Cattle Grid is not strictly a BBQ restaurant, they describe themselves as a ‘steak restaurant and grill’ which is quite different to Red’s I think – I’ve been to Cattle Grid a few times and both places are very different, hence my comment about *direct* competitor. Either way, there’s room for both and they should spark off each other.

      Let me know what you think of them both if you go!

  2. Me too 🙂 I liked your review, you managed to get some good photographs in the restaurant, my iPhone was OK for the sign and that’s about it!

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