Curry festival and a visit to Zouk

Twitter inspired us to visit the Bradford curry festival held in City Park central Bradford. The area is a great space for such events and we were anticipating a full afternoon, sadly the event was not as well supported as we had expected with probably about 12 stalls which included Zouk, Manjit’s kitchen, Hasans and Kings of Chaat, the Prashad. We were surprised not to see Akbars, Aagrah, Nawaab or Mumtaz represented. Zouk’s chicken tikka wrap £4 was delicious with plenty of filling and G’s Chaat from Prashad £2.50 was fresh and tasty.



Still hungry we decided to stop at Zouk cafe and restaurant, we ordered masala chai, a tea spiced with cardamom, cinnamon, cloves, pepper and ginger, simply delicious… To eat, I had lamb chops and a keema paratha, G had a mixed tandoori starter and mushroom bhaji, the food was cooked to perfection and the bill was £21…great..

Note … Prashad are opening 1st week in December in Drighligton…

1 thought on “Curry festival and a visit to Zouk

  1. Good post. Glad you enjoyed. Some others have wondered about the big restaurants not being there. I wondered, too. However, I also wonder what extra they’d have brought. With it being so well supported, maybe they, and more, will be back next year, if Bradford’s chosen again. I’d also like curries from beyond SE Asia and more fringe events in the areas around City Park.

    If you’re interested, here’s my take on yesterday

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