Auchentoshan Presents at The Wardrobe, Leeds

Last Sunday D and I went to a whisky tasting event promoting the Auchentoshan Classic and 3 Wood whiskies at The Wardrobe Leeds. We were welcomed by the PR lady DK with a free Classic whilst we waited for an eclectic mix of bloggers and barmen/women to join us.
When everyone had arrived we were given background details by Zoran the Brand Ambassador who explained that the Auchentoshan was a small boutique distillery based in lowland region of Scotland and the only one with 3 stills for triple distillation The Classic was younger at 6 years old, light pale gold colour and matured in American Bourbon oak casks giving it a lovely woody smoked flavour. The 3 Wood is matured in three different cask types, American Bourbon, Spanish Oloroso and finally Pedro Ximenez (I think 10 years min) giving it a rich golden bronze colour like a good cognac. The flavour is warmer with toffee, sherry, butterscocth flavours and far more complex than the classic.
We were then entertained by Mike from Soulshakers Ltd who must be one of the most knowledgable and skilled cocktail makers we have ever met. Mike showed us how to make both classic Old Fashioned and some with a twist as well as Whisky Sours after which some of us had a go ourselves. We had great fun and the Wardrobe is a top place for such events.



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