Wattana & Flower

Translation – Pea & Cauliflower Curry.

My very first ever blog a couple of weeks ago was accompanied with some technical glitches – I didn’t actually finish it before posting!! Being new to the ‘blogging world’ I think this is understandable. The same applied to my very first ever attempt to cook vegetarian Indian from the wonderful Prashad cook book that I recently acquired and have committed to working my way through (along the lines of the Julie & Julia film) to allow my wife a break from the demands of feeding a family of 5 with differing dietary demands on a daily basis. The sheer number of ingredients was mind-blowing to an essentially complete novice of a cook and not measuring all my spices out in advance meant adding them to the pan in quick succession (it seemed that way to me) became a challenge on it’s own! That said I was pretty chuffed with the end result and proud of my modest achievement

So last night was my second attempt at cooking for the hard working wife. Kids all out, music on and a nice glass of Rose to hand. Slightly better prepared this time round too – new blender for the masala paste (green chillies, root ginger & a pinch of salt) and most of the other 12 ingredients ready measured and placed by the hob – can’t believe that didn’t occur to me last time? This is a curry that apparently appeared on the very first menu at Prashad and is essentially a pea and cauliflower curry, as it’s name ‘say’s on the tin’. The thing about these menus and what elevates them from the mundane and boring veggie dish is they are laced with textures – spice and a little sweetness. This dish, for example has cumin seeds; brown mustard seeds; asafetida (or devils dung – don’t you just love the sound of it?); turmeric; coriander; salt and sugar(???) to accompany the pea, cauliflower, tomato and masala base. This time round I was able to add them to the pan more or less as Kaushy Patel had clearly explained, other than the peas, which I added somewhat prematurely and meant they were a little too soft on completion. That said the complexity  of the flavours meant that I don’t think it spoiled the finished dish too much…….

My thoughts….another success and just great flavours. Wonderful!!!

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