Kendell’s Bistro, Leeds

Last night’s dinner confirms my continued assertion that Kendell’s Bistro is still the best restaurant in our home city of Leeds.

On Globetroffers we’ve been banging the drum for Steve Kendell and his fantastic team for many years and will continue to do so on last night’s evidence. Judging by last night’s packed out restaurant, the word has seriously got out and diners seeking sublime food and drink in an intimate ambience need to look no further.

As our local restaurant scene continues to grow and become more competitive, Kendell’s will simply stick to its knitting carving a niche as the only french bistro style restaurant worth visiting in Leeds, which is amazing really.

Julie had home cured salmon to begin which she declared delicious and a change from her usual Chicken main (which is amazing in itself) to hake with mussels cooked in a bag, which was aromatic and delicately beautiful. Still reeling from J’s non-chicken choice, I stayed true to type and hoovered up the boudin noir (rich and unctious) followed by the ribeye with bone marrow which was a dish so rich and comforting I could have used it as a sleeping bag in minus 20 degrees weather conditions (which I might indeed try). this was washed down by a superbly unusual Sancerre Pinot Noir recommended by Maitre D’ John, a seriously good wine for the price.

We rarely get to dessert and as such, we’re rubbish gourmands. But in truth the starters and mains are so consistently good we’re not worried. Service was attentive and well organised as it needed to be on a jam packed Saturday night. Dinner for two is usually around the £100 mark at Kendell’s and it’s possible to eat here for a lot, lot less if you get in early for the early bird menu (see pic above) but we were a la carte and went for it. Still, I  think it’s great value compared to what £100 will buy elsewhere in the city.

I think it’s highly unlikely that you’ll be reading this blog and not been to Kendell’s. On the off chance you’re a Martian that has recently decamped to Leeds then ‘zarjaz difox flox di eppient coazkip jixe di quiaxet’ which roughly translated means go to Kendell’s for the early bird or if you’re feeling flush opt for the al la carte as soon as you can.


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