Layne’s Espresso

The Leeds coffee shop scene is dominated by the big chains, I guess like every big city in the UK. I like a Starbucks or a Costa as much as the next guy but you can’t beat a local coffee shop for local people.

Layne’s is exactly that kind of place.

Tucked away behind the station (great location) and sandwiched between Leeds Brewery’s fabulous Brewery tap and the new kid on the block Friends of Ham, Layne’s is flying the flag for independent coffee in the city. Along with La Bottega Milanese and Mrs Atha’s there is a small but beautifully formed groundswell of coffee excellence gaining some momentum.

This morning I ordered a flat white and a decidedly tasty cheese on toast and watched the discerning regulars come and go for half an hour or so. Layne’s is a cool, friendly and uniquely Leeds sort of place – warm and Northern.

Next time you’re hankering after a coffee boost, skirt around the chains and head for Layne’s – hey there’s a tagline for free…sorry. I only wished I worked in the city centre then I could make this my regular stop.


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