Look mum no hands!


This week in London uncovered some real food gems for me.

A quick lunchtime meeting turned into a wow moment when a friend suggested we meet at a place called Look mum no hands! He’s a cycling nut – as almost everyone seems to be at the moment, post Olympics and Wiggins fever – and he suggested we meet a new place that’s doing something quite different for London.

Look mum no hands! is a bike geek’s dream – it’s one part bike workshop, one part cafe bar and one part bike nut hangout. Located in one of London’s coolest areas on Old Street near Clerkenwell it is chock full of cool cyclists, hipsters pretending they have a bike and imposters like me.

The atmosphere is buzzing and on the day we visited, it was jam-packed with people sharing tables and pretty much squeezing themselves into any available chair. The food is high quality and simply prepared with everything from toasted ciabatta sandwiches to stews and from black pudding scotch eggs to home-made cake. It all looked good I have to say. We tucked away two very serviceable emmental and chorizo toasted sandwiches and sipped perfectly made flat whites and admired the ‘concept’ for what is was – a really neat idea, brought together with love and attention to detail.

Well worth a visit if you love bikes and are in the vicinity. Even if you don’t love bikes and you’re in the area, it’s well worth stopping by.


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