Stew and Oyster at Oakwood, Leeds

We have been meaning to try out the Stew and Oyster for some time as it has been recommended by a few friends. So when I decided that it would be better to take The Lad for a walk around Roundhay park to avoid the quagmire that is pure mud locally we took the chance to pop in for a light lunch.
Once inside we were surprised by the eclectic mix of furniture but the decor was just as you would expect of a cool simple does what it says on the tin suburban bar. The floors are all wood, furniture varies from sofas, bar stools, plastic chairs and tables of various sorts. The walls are covered in posters and beverage signs as well as blackboards which all come together somehow with a relaxed charm.

The bar is well stocked with an excellent choice of locally brewed and international beers plus one of the best range of liqueurs in a local bar I’ve come across, the whisky’s are worth a particular mention.
I ordered half a dozen oysters and a pint of stout brewed in Ilkley and D had a root vegetable stew with a glass of Rose. The oysters were very good and along with the stout I think I had a months worth of vitamins, just what the doctor ordered. The stew was also good and the vegetables were not a mush, the accompanying slab of bread was fresh and perfect.
On Sundays they have a film day showing 3 films on a large screen ranging from a kids, family and “grown up”.
My opinion is that every suburb needs a place like this and whether you go as a family or on your own you will feel welcome because it is homely and community at the same time in a contemporary style.


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