The Hare at Scawton

On our way to The Black Swan we decided to nip in to The Hare at Scawton. Once you have climbed Sutton Bank it is a left turn off the main road to Helmsley and just a mile and a half down a country lane. The views across the Dales are magnificent when driving to The Hare, worth a look on their own!
We did pop in a few years ago just for a drink and the place was rammed which is to be expected due to the excellent reputation for great local food.

As soon as you walk in the old country pub real fire atmosphere just get’s you. The staff are very friendly but we were surprised and pleased that it was quiet due probably to the Xmas/New Year in between period. We ordered a pint of Black Sheep and a glass of Rosé which the Lad accidentally knocked over, my cat like reactions saved the pint but not the Rose…..
There were two other couples in the bar and we were kindly asked if we wanted to swap with one of them for a “dog friendly table” which we did. One of the couples were from Leeds and the lady actually went the same school as our kids did, small world….
We were looking for a light bar lunch and opted for starter portions of Parsnip soup and a bowl of mussels. The soup was sweet and creamy, the mussels were juicy, fresh in a lovely creamy sauce. If it wasn’t for the fact that we were driving and dinner was booked we could have easily settled in for a long long lunch, perhaps next time, in fact definitely next time. Top place a must go.


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