Ikea Restaurant


In the interests in light and shade I feel it only right and proper to review Ikea‘s Restaurant.

What, I can almost hear you say, in God’s name were you doing in there? Well, it was midweek in January and we were picking up a few bits and pieces (picture frames, candles and a mirror in case you were wondering) it was quiet, so we thought we’d give it a go. I realise it’s not the most glamorous destination for a date night but we had picked up some new pillows for the bed earlier and we thought dining a la Ikea would top the evening off nicely. The excitement of it all.

I know this is left field for a blog devoted to the best food and drink locally and internationally – Ikea is Scandinavian so that ticks the international box. Rest assured, on a normal day I wouldn’t set foot in the place – people ten deep at the counter, thousands of crying children and bickering couples arguing about what size Billy bookcase is going to fit in the dining room.

The place was virtually empty so we had it pretty much to ourselves which suited us. The restaurant is a fairly standard server canteen type set up where it’s a case of grab a tray and fill it with cut price food and drink. First thing to mention is the price – this stuff is cheap, just as you’d expect from Ikea I suppose. Cost effective utilitarian food with some style – perfectly reflecting their furniture offering.

I opted for the meatballs ( I do like a nice meatball and these weren’t bad) which came with mash, gravy and cranberry sauce. The large portion was around £5 and it would easily fed two people. The actual meal cam,e on two plates there was that much. Note to self, forgo the greed and get a small next time, if there is a next time. J had a very serviceable blue cheese walnut salad affair and as we were both not drinking, we sadly quaffed still water.

It’s only fair to point out at this juncture that you can buy what looked like decent French white/rose/red wine. Who knew you could get wine in Ikea? If I’d have known that on previous visits I would have made a beeline for the restaurant before braving the store – anything to take the edge off a tortuously busy Ikea store and its environs.

There is plenty of choice on offer with curries, standard British food as well as Swedish style grub. I have to say it all looked perfectly edible which is more than can be said for a lot of the food of this ilk in motorway services which is often three times the price.

Ok, it’s not Kendell’s but it’s perfectly tasty, cheap, non poisonous food. No doubt there are millions of people who already know this but it was a revelation to me. I might even be tempted back, midweek, when its quiet, when I’m drinking and when I’m skint.

2 thoughts on “Ikea Restaurant

  1. OK I should be asleep but stopped to read your post on Ikea. I’ve eaten there of course, but must say I’m not a fan of the cafeteria. On the other hand, normally it takes no persuasion at all for me to dine at the hot dog bar. When I had a normal family, we all went together, daughter didn’t mind and son-in-law adored hot dogs even if they were made of actual dog, which probably these are not. Two come with potato chips and a drink or is the drink extra. It’s all a buck–for those of us who aren’t proud enough to be meatball snobs. The thing I like best, which is a rare time I’ll forego my fave bev–the still water you decry–is the lingonberry juice. That is really lovely and I suspect the lingonberry jam might be nice tho I haven’t tried it. In their food stall they also have some pretty good cookies. At the same hot dog stand they also have cinnabuns, with enough sugar to fuel whatever assembly follows an Ikea meal. I hear there are plans to open an Ikea dentist next to the kids’ ball room but suspect this is just an urban legend. When Ikea first came to these parts, before I was such a slugabed, they had all you can eat buffets like on a Sunday and they set up tables and had whole salmons and lots of bacon. That was fun even if only slightly to the left of mediocre because I like salmon and all the bacon I can eat. Tho come to think of it they did parcel out the bacon from behind the counter. How could that be more precious than salmon? Dunno. Ok now I’m sleepy AND hungry.

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